Competitions Location
Olympics 2012 London, England
World Championships 2008 MEN Arena, Manchester, Great Britain
World Championships 2006 Rod Laver Arena, Melborne, Australia
European Championships 2012 Debrecen, Hungary
European Championships 2009 Abdi Ipekci Arena, Turkey
European Championships 2008 Jovanovic Arena, Croatia
European Championships 2004 Vienna Arena, Austria
Great Britain v Russia Duel In The Pool 2011 Moscow, Russia
Great Britain v Germany Duel In The Pool 2011 Essen, Germany
Sarajevo Meet  2010 Sarajevo, Bosnia
Eindhoven International 2009 Eindhoven, Holland
Eindhoven International 2008 Eindhoven, Holland
European Junior Championships 2004 Glasgow, Scotland
World School Games  2002 Cannes, France

Great Britain International Honours