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Below are the packages I am excited to offer your club:

Bronze Package Bronze:  Swimmer Craig Gibbons will visit your club and be able to offer the following:

  •     Demonstrations of all strokes and skills
  •     Pool Sessions appropriate to age & ability
  •     Coaching and Technical Advice
  •     Motivational Talks
  •     Talks on my experiences with Q & A sessions
  •     Land Training Workout and Advice
  •     Photo Opportunities with Great Britain Kit

Silver Package Silver:  Craig will visit your club and in addition to the Bronze package can offer the following:

  •     Nutritonal Advice to Swimmers and Parents
  •     Eating and Diet Plan Advice
  •     How to Eat Like A Champion
  •     Competition Best Practice

Gold Package Gold:  Craig will be joined by Great Britain Coach Kevin Brooks and in addition to Bronze and Silver packages can offer the following:

  •     Coach Led Demonstrations with Coaching Points
  •     Teacher and Coach Development
  •     Talks on any Swimming Subject
  •     Video Analysis
  •     Technical Advice and Progressive Drills

If you are interested in taking advantage of these offers please contact me